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How to Store Your Tools

As we all know, it is a great DIY task for mechanicians to organize car repair and maintenance tools. Neatly arranged and well-organized tools will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently. The following ways are showing you how to perfectly organize your tools.

Garage Storage System

If you have a large workshop or garage shop with enough space, I think a large storage system is the perfect storage solution for you. A better garage storage system can maximize your storage space.

Designed to make a big statement in garages, workshops, and other areas of your home, the AB-505 garage cabinets instantly upgrade the look of your space, providing you with organized storage for all your belongings. Built with heavy-duty steel for added strength. A large area of steel board with holes gives you the flexibility to hang tools of all sizes and usage, while fully-lockable doors ensure that your tools stay safe. Wood worktop equips you with a great work space for repairs, hobbies, and DIY projects, and is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Storage Cabinets with Drawers of Different Sizes

It is common to store tools in a safe location. Tool cabinets offer protection from dust and moisture. Additionally, they can protect your tools from chemicals and substances that can be corrosive or flammable.

For DIY storage systems, a tool trolley with many drawers can be used as well. There are many sizes available for drawer sets. You can use smaller ones for screws and washers as well as larger ones for cordless or handheld power tools.

Autobess offers different kinds of tool cabinets to suit different needs. There are not only wooden worktops but also steel worktops. If you have your own tools, we can provide an empty tool trolley for you; if you don’t have repair tools, we also supply a tool cabinet with high-quality repair tools.

Tool Box

For individual repair mechanics, enthusiasts, and DIYers who like to get hands-on, a toolbox can be the most useful storage container. Its small and portable features are more suitable for their daily maintenance needs.

The toolkit from Autobess is for repair mechanics, enthusiasm, and DIYers who like to get hands-on. You will find most of the sockets, wrenches, and other repair tools which can meet most of the repair and maintenance needs. All the tools are coming in a sturdy toolbox that has card slots to precisely fit each piece of tool to prevent moving around and scraping.


Pegboards are one of the most popular storage options, made from steel or other materials, and having holes that are evenly spaced. These holes can be used to mount hooks or metal nails on the pegboards to support them or hang them. Pegboards help organize hand tools like pliers/screwdrivers, hammers, and drill bits; power tools such as drills/chargers and electric saws; and woodworking tools including awls/planes, drill bits, and saw blades. Most of Autobess tool cabinets feature pegboards to offer convenience in a repair project.


Shelves make it easy to organize space. You can build shelves to match your space. They can be either stationary or portable, depending on how you use them. These shelving units are available in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

Magnetic Strips

Industrial-strength magnetic tool holders can hold lightweight tools, such as screwdrivers or small wrenches. Installing a magnetic strip next to your workbench will keep your tools easily reaching and keep your worktop neat and organized.


The above phrases are about how to store your tools better. Keep these tool storage ideas and tips in mind, and your tool collection will be organized and accessible for that next repair project.



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